At Jersey Shore Contracting, we offer a variety of commercial services to new or pre-existing buildings in the corporate industry. Our team of highly skilled craftsmen specialize in architecture and design and strive to bring unique concepts or upgrades to our clients. We understand that commercial construction is an important investment and therefore use the highest quality products and materials for the completion of all our projects. The team at Jersey Shore Contracting Services is experienced in the following:

Commercial Fit-Ups

Let us redesign your commercial area into exactly what you need. Our team can construct new ideas in old spaces just for your type of business. Turn any room, from a wasted space to something your company could utilize. Read More.

Metal Framing

Whether it's a new building or adding more rooms, metal framing is a must. As the foundation of any building, it is important to have craftsmen who are well qualified for the job. Our contractors are just that, and take on framing projects of all sizes. Read More.


For both repairs and installation, we make the drywall process stress-free. Our clients are always kept informed and our workspace cleanliness is a top priority. We strive to turn your concepts of design into reality. Read More.

Hollow Metal Doors

These types of doors can be used for interior and exterior openings in commercial buildings. Commonly used as emergency exits, due to their fire resistance, these doors are extremely beneficial. We can also create doors based on different types of steel and thickness. Read More.

FRP (Fiber Reinforced Plastic)

FRP is tough, water-resistant, easy to maintain, and affordable for interiors in high-wear spaces. Once limited to kitchens and restrooms, these products allow you to enhance classrooms, hospital rooms, and waiting rooms. Read More.


Our carpenters are skilled and knowledgeable in the woodwork trade and deliver the one-of-a-kind designs. We craft products of the highest quality for remodels or new construction, keeping the finished results unique to your business. Read More.

Drop Ceilings

Being a staple in the construction of commercial properties, drop ceilings cover the structural elements of the building. Mostly recognized with tiles, these ceilings give easier access for repairs, inspections, and installation. Read More.


This material works in a variety of ways but is mostly used to prevent sound and heat from traveling from one area to another. Incorporated into insulation is tiny pockets of air that contribute to a high thermal resistance. Read More.


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